The dangers of severe this How to treat

Ash point to (foot) armour (onychomycosis) is caused by violation of deck skin versicolor bacterium lesions, is a kind of happened refers to (foot) armour and a fungal disease. Fungal infections cause refers to (foot) armour structure change, color change, refers to (foot) armour cross-infection between, refers to (foot) armour deformation and thickening.
Grey refers to (foot) armour, with one or two commonly refers to (foot) armour began, the person that weigh all refers to (foot) armour can suffer. Thickening of deck lose luster, long deck deformation, a gray, dirty yellow, deck brittle broken off, sometimes deck separated from the nail bed.
Many patients at the beginning of the ash refers to (foot) armour without formal system treatment, fall by the wayside; Also some patients don't note ? after curing

Correct posture of your nails Toenail to grow in the meat

Baby for seven months, feet two big toe nails into the meat long, still curling, toenail two edges with feet almost vertical, for a while before on both sides of the big toe is red, not red now, a little peeling. Excuse me, what should I do? Not effect the baby to walk? In fact this is medically referred to as "ingrown nail".
Correct posture of your nails Toenail to grow in the meat
Toenail to grow in the meat for two reasons:
Infants and young children often wear thin or too loose shoes and socks. Little toe shoes or socks will soft tissue to nail, caused the ingrown nail. Too wide shoes or socks cause friction is easy to form toes activities

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